4 Bar High Pressure Oxygen Generator

4 Bar High Pressure Oxygen Generator is different from ordinary pressure oxygen machine, high pressure oxygen concentrators refer to the oxygen concentrating machines whose outlet pressure are in the range f 0.14-0.4Mpa.

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4 Bar High Pressure Oxygen Generator main features: 

  1. outlet pressure: 0.14-0.4Mpa

  2. Low purity alarm, high&low pressure alarm, power failure alarm

  3. Innovative cooling system

4 Bar High Pressure Oxygen Generator alarm:

  1. low oxygen purity alarm: the L.O2 light will be red when the oxygen purity is less than 82%

  2. high temperature alarm: when temp in machine exceed 50℃, H.T. light will be red while with intermittent alarm sound

  3. high&low pressure alarm: when the machine running pressure is too high, the H.P. light will be red, when the running pressure is too low, the L.P. light will be yellow; both be will continuously

  4. power failure alarm: P.F. light is red when power is off

4 Bar High Pressure Oxygen Generator application:

  1. oxygen for medical: connect with ventilator or anesthesia machine to use, also can be the central oxygen supply system for small hospital or clinic

  2. supply oxygen for animals: used at veterinary hospital or clinic, zoo. to supply oxygen for pet cage, vet ventilator and anesthesia machine, or pet byperbaric oxygen chamber

  3. oxygen for industrial: for welding, glass cutting or oxygen supply for ozone producing

  4. oxygen for fish farming, aquaculture: supply oxygen to fish and provide sufficient oxygen to the nitrifying bacteria cultured in the filter material

  5. oxygen therapy: provide oxygen for hyperbaric oxygen chamber, used for rescue and treatment of ischemia, anoxia and other diseases

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