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Advantages of home oxygen therapy

Dec 11, 2018

Everyone  in life wants to maintain their healthy body, and oxygen supplement has  become a popular health care method. Under normal circumstances, people  need to go to the hospital to supplement oxygen, but the emergence of  oxygen generators has brought a lot of convenience to people, which  makes it possible for people who go to the hospital to supplement oxygen  to supplement oxygen at home.

So what are the advantages of oxygen supplementation in the family compared to oxygen supplementation in hospitals?

1.  The oxygen concentration of household oxygen generators is actually  very high. It can also meet the standard of medical oxygen bags. It is  the same in household use and in hospitals, so the use of oxygen  generators is very convenient;

2.  We know that household oxygen generators can be adjusted above the flow  concentration, and it is very convenient to use regardless of the  population.


3.  Price is also a very important consideration. We know that the price of  a three-liter machine is only 2,000-3,000 yuan. It is equivalent to  buying a computer. Many families can afford it. . Every time in the  hospital, it takes a lot of money, so it is not as good as the home  oxygen machine.

4. The use of oxygen generators in the home reduces the time going back and forth on the road, and is more convenient to use.