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Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Sep 25, 2018

·         Portable oxygen concentrators use battery packs and allows the oxygen user to stay mobile. It is small in size and lightweight and so can be carried around easily. It can be packaged in a trolley bag to take.


·         Since the portable oxygen concentrator runs on a battery, a fully-charged battery will keep the machine operable outdoors unlike a stationary unit. 

·         Apart from portability, an extra benefit is that this type also runs on AC and DC current. It can be plugged into an electrical outlet if at home and if in the car, it can be charged through a DC power cord thus preserving the battery for outdoor use.


·         Multiple power options of AC and DC current and rechargeable battery make it a convenient machine to have at home and outdoors and car use.


·         Portable variety includes pulse dose oxygen concentrators which are smaller in size. Some portable oxygen machines provide continuous flow of oxygen but these are larger in size and have built-on wheels.


·         The portable variety has more options in terms of usage – portable which is suitable for travel, portable type with continuous flow, portable type with high flow settings.


·         The portable/travel oxygen concentrator system from LONGFIAN can be carried along on wheels or in a backpack on a plane, boat, car or train because of its small size. It is energy efficient and easy to use and has low power usage. 


·      The LONGFIAN portable oxygen concentrator has high flow settings. Its oxygen concentration is 93% (+/- 3%). The JAY-1 is portable with 6KG. It provides the same quality and efficiency on-the-go as well as at home.