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Daily maintenance of oxygen generator.

Dec 07, 2018

1. Oxygen generator should be placed in a well ventilated space to avoid contamination of the oxygen generator intake

2. The oxygen generator should ensure that the bottom exhaust is unblocked during use, otherwise it will cause the machine to overheat.

3. Oxygen generator has intermittent exhaust sound when used (about 13 seconds apart)

4. The time from startup to oxygen generator to achieve the specified performance is less than 5 minutes

5. Distilled water or cold boiled water should be added to the humidification bottle, and the amount should be below the highest scale line.

6. The humidifier bottle should be used which manufacturer matched, and should not be replaced at will, otherwise it may cause harm to oxygen, etc. The interface of the wet bottle should be tightened to prevent oxygen leakage.

7. When the Oxygen purity Indicator (OCSI) shows an abnormal purity, the user should declare it to the dealer for repair.

8. Oxygen machine cleaning items are humidifier bottles, filters and filter cloth. The disinfection items are: humidifier bottle, oxygen pipe, oxygen mask, atomizer