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Dispersive oxygen supply or oxygen absorption?

Jan 09, 2019

Please take below introduction and choose the right machines based on your demands.

Diffused oxygen supply is more convenient. One room is equipped with an oxygen generator, which has a large number of oxygen users and does not require wearing a mask or nasal catheter. However, the disadvantage is that the oxygen concentration inhaled is relatively low compared with the mask or nasal catheter due to the large indoor space.


Direct wearing mask or nasal catheter oxygen absorption advantage is with high oxygen concentration, but the disadvantage is not convenient, cannot supply the oxygen for many peoples at the same time. It will need many machines for people use.

Diffused oxygen supply is divided into centralized diffused oxygen supply (similar to central air conditioning, only oxygen comes out) and split diffused oxygen supply (suitable for horizontal and other single small rooms).

Dispersive oxygen supply costs more than oxygen inhalers, but is more practical. Both office and home can be used. We Longfian, has helped many families and units install dispersive oxygen supply machines on the plateau, so that office and home are no longer starved of oxygen.