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Do you need an oxygen cage for your pet at home?

Oct 15, 2018

We often see cat and dog patients who have underlying respiratory issues that need to be treated long-term. It’s really important to treat respiratory problems aggressively, as without treatment, it can cause a)difficulty breathing and pain in your pet and b) worsen the long-term side effects on your pet. Untreated, respiratory problems can cause pulmonary hypertension (often called cor pulmonale), which is high blood pressure to the lungs. This adds secondary strain to the right side of the heart, and can cause severe long-term complications.

Respiratory problems that often need to be treated long-term in dogs and cats include:

*Tracheal collapse (seen commonly in Yorkshire terriers and other small dogs)

*Chronic bronchitis

*Pulmonary fibrosis (seen especially commonly in West Highland white terrier dogs)

*Feline asthma (seen especially commonly in Siamese cats)

*Pulmonary hypertension

In severe cases where dogs can’t live without oxygen therapy, the pet owners can consider to take oxygen cages and oxygen concentrator to do oxygen therapy at home. It’s very convenient to take one oxygen concentrator and one pet cage that can be used either at the veterinary clinic or at home for oxygen therapy.