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Effect of hypoxia training

May 30, 2019

Hypoxic training combined with exercise training to increase the degree of hypoxia in the body, to mobilize the body's skill potential, resist the physiological response of hypoxia and actively adapt, so as to achieve the purpose of improving athletic performance.

 Hypoxia training avoids the disadvantages caused by traditional altitude training. It can adjust the hypoxic environment according to the hypoxia adaptability of the body, ensure normal training, and obtain beneficial physiological adaptation of skeletal muscle.

Compared with simple hypoxic stimulation, different hypoxic forms of stimulation and different training methods combine to form different hypoxic training modes, and the mechanism of skeletal muscle function and structure is more complicated.

The effect of hypoxic training on skeletal muscle function and structure is mainly due to the combination style of hypoxia and training.

The difference between the experimental subjects and the test methods may influence the conclusion of the experiment, which will affect the mechanism of hypoxic training on skeletal muscle.