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Homecare oxygen generator development trend

Oct 29, 2018

With the development of China's aging, homecare oxygen concentrator are used as tools for home health care and oxygen therapy.In the coming decades, oxygen concentrator will enter households as consumer goods.Oxygen generators will also face new development trends in their own development.

From the statistical analysis, the household oxygen generator will be dominated by membrane type and pressure swing adsorption type, and the pressure swing adsorption type will occupy the mainstream.Therefore, high performance molecular sieve materials are needed as a strong backing for their development.At the same time, the adsorption process should be optimized to further save energy and reduce consumption, reduce volume and weight, and use special control valves to improve separation efficiency.

In the next few years, home oxygen generators are expected to make progress in the following areas:

1.Versatility: In addition to meeting the performance specified in the standard, such as Low purity alarm/Low flow alarm/High temperature alarm/accumulated working time etc.,it will also consider aesthetic, applicable, scientific, comfortable lifestyles, such as remote control, timing, ozone disinfection, music playback, headset oxygen absorption and other functions.

2.Open source and throttling:In order to ensure that consumers can absorb enough oxygen,Today's home oxygen generators often use atmospheric oxygen supply, ignoring the oxygen absorption link.Analysis from respiratory physiology,Oxygen-saving technology should avoid oxygen supply during the exhalation phase and inhalation,Differential pressure oxygen supply is also a smart way to design oxygen.

3.Mini and portable:Mini portable oxygen concentrator is a new direction,such as adopt Backpack, shoulder-mounted,it is required to reduce the weight to about 2 kg, which is a technical challenge and breakthrough for domestic homecare oxygen generator manufacturers.