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How to choose the plateau dispersion oxygen generators?

Dec 28, 2018

LONGFIAN has been focusing on the oxygen machine field for more than 10 years. At present,our LONGFIAN oxygen concentrators can be used for home care, medical use, veterinary use, industrial use, plateau dispersion use and so on. Here is a brief introduction of the problems needing attention in the selection of plateau dispersion oxygen generator:

1. The O2 purity should not be too high, if so, its easy to get altitude sickness after going out. Generally, it is better to increase the oxygen concentration in the room by 3% to 5%, and  it will reduce the altitude by 300 meters when the O2 purity has been increased 1%.


2. The volume of a room is 2-3 times the volume of oxygen

For examples: The volume of room 20M2 (4M * 5M * 2.8m) is 56M3. 16-20m3 oxygen generator (30% oxygen concentration) shall be selected. If you choose high flow oxygen concentrator, its not good for cost-saving. And if you choose small flow oxygen concentrator, it will not easy to change the O2 purity for the room. Three hours after starting up, (minus the amount of leakage), the oxygen concentration in the room is 24%-26% (a considerable reduction in the altitude from 900m to 1500m).

3. Room oxygen concentration should not be too high, the room oxygen concentration of the fire safety reference to the United States national fire safety committee standards (altitude 4000 meters and 5000 meters indoor oxygen concentration of the maximum safety value of 29%-30%)