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How to make oxygen drink with Longfian oxygen generator

Nov 23, 2018

Oxygen Cocktail is a delicious drink that is made from any juice + added foaming agent for the perfect foam and infused with a huge dose of pure Oxygen. This pure Oxygen can help the body quickly and effectively get rid of the negative consequences of oxygen starvation and increase oxygen level in your body, revitalize you, raise performance level and efficiency.How to make oxygen drink with Longfian oxygen generator

Operation steps

1.            Connect the harness to both Oxygen concentrator & home power supply plug, Press the switch to start the machine.

2.            Add juice (any clear juice without pulp, tea, juice mix) to the cup. Add 2 gr. foaming agent .

3.            Press O2M button. Mixer and oxygen starts to run. Hold for 7-10 sec. Press stop. Press O2 for extra oxygen flow to the drink. Press stop. Oxygen cocktail is ready.

4.            Once all oxygen cocktails are done, press the switch to shut down the oxygen cocktail mixer, please also un-plug the power supply.

5.            In case oxygen cocktail mixer is connected with power but the whole machine is still in the state of power off with alarm sound, please check out the connection part of power whether it is in good connection, or whether there is a power off in external power supply.