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How to use an Oxygen Concentrator

Oct 06, 2019

An oxygen concentrator can assist someone who has breathing difficulties. Following these instructions will help you safely assist someone using a concentrator at home or away from home.

Safety Warning • Concentrated oxygen can cause fires if near flames, a heat source or sparks. 

• Keep the oxygen at least 3 metres from any open flame or heat source, such as candles, a gas stove, or from anything that could cause a spark

• Do not smoke or let anyone else smoke near the oxygen equipment.

 • Avoid using anything flammable near the oxygen, including petrol, cleaning fluid, and aerosol cans or sprays such as fresheners or hairspray. 

• Check that all electrical equipment in the vicinity of the oxygen is properly grounded (earthed). 

• Avoid using electrical appliances such as hairdryers and razors and clockwork toys while oxygen is in use.

 • Do not allow alcoholic solutions, oil or grease to come into contact with oxygen supply devices. This includes petroleum jelly. 

• Make sure you have smoke alarms in your house. 

• Keep the oxygen equipment clean and dust free. 

• As the oxygen concentrator becomes hot when in use, locate it in a well-ventilated area, away from curtains or drapes. 

• Have your oxygen concentrator inspected and serviced regularly according to the supplier’s instructions.

Before you start

 • Check that the equipment, including the cord and plugs, is not damaged in any way.

 • Check that the nasal tubes are not blocked and that the inlet air filter is clean. The filter needs to be checked daily and cleaned weekly with warm water and squeezed dry.