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How to use the ozone generator to sterilize work clothes

Feb 20, 2019

Some processes in food processing, cold drinks, biochemical pharmaceuticals, etc. require high levels of disinfection of work clothes.

Workwear disinfection often uses autoclaving, which is difficult to achieve in the food industry. Food manufacturers use UV irradiation to disinfect work clothes, because of the poor UV disinfection effect, The use of ozone to disinfect work clothes is an efficient, economical and simple method.

The Beijing Institute of Biological Products of the Ministry of Health used ozone to disinfect the overalls, they made a test, Hang clothes on hangers in a closed room, Temperature 15~20°C humidity adjusted to RH80%~90%, After the ozone concentration reaches 20ppm, shutdown and closed for 20 hours. The bacterial review kill rate is 90% to 95%.

Hang dozens of overalls in a 20 square meters in enclosed room and sprinkle some water on the floor, If you use the 3g / h generator to start 3-4 hours, you can reach 8-10ppm ozone concentration, can achieve a disinfection effect of more than 85% kill rate. Hanging the overalls in the ozone sterilization workshop also has a disinfecting effect, but the effect is worse due to the lower concentration.