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Hyperbaric oxygen chamber to cure disease

Sep 11, 2019

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the most effective medical equipment for the treatment of hypoxia in human body. It has a variety of cabins such as large cabin group, oxygen cabin group and baby oxygen chamber.

the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a closed cylinder that is fed with pure oxygen or purified compressed air through a pipeline and control system.

In a hyperbaric oxygen environment, oxygen can greatly increase the blood oxygen concentration and blood oxygen partial pressure of the human body, and can correct the hypoxia of the tissue as soon as possible, improve and restore the function of the human body.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are widely used in the treatment of various diseases

Clinical practice shows that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is suitable for more than 100 diseases, and there are more than 40 of the best effects in practice.For example, acute carbon monoxide poisoning, craniocerebral trauma, idiopathic deafness, surgery accidents, myelitis, cerebral palsy, poor brain development and other diseases are suitable for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and the treatment effect is very good.

Hyperbaric chamber need a high pressure oxygen concentrator to connect, Longfian company produce 10L and 20L oxygen concentrator with 4bar high pressure , it is suit for this condition

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