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LONGFIAN 1-60L oxygen concentrator application

Mar 02, 2019

Longfian Scitech Co.,Ltd, which has more than 13 years rich experiences of manufacturing and exporting a series of oxygen concentrator from 1LPM-60LPM and related products. Our oxygen concentrator can be for medical use, home health care use, industrial use, veterinary use and making oxygen cocktail use etc.

  1. For Medical use in hospital:

    * 20-60LPM large flow rate oxygen concentrator for hospital central oxygen supply

    * High pressure 4bar oxygen concentrator to connect with anaesthesia machine

    * 5-10LPM oxygen concentrator to use in surgery




 2. For home health care: 1L/3L/5L oxygen concentrators



3. For industrial use: to be as the oxygen source for ozone generator


4. For veterinary use oxygen concentrator: connect with anaesthesia machine or cage to supply oxygen


   5. For oxygen cocktail making