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Notice when you do oxygen therapy at home

Sep 04, 2019

First of all, pay attention to the use of oxygen for as long as possible. Because hypoxemia can not be solved by short-term oxygen therapy, many patients think that oxygen is an extremely serious manifestation of the disease, and some patients think that long-term oxygen inhalation may cause poisoning or affect the therapeutic effect after acute onset, so the rejection is sucking. Oxygen, oxygen is used only when the air is very obvious. In fact, a large number of studies have shown that as long as the adaptive oxygen concentration is mastered, the longer the daily oxygen consumption, the better the recovery of the disease.

Daily adherence to oxygen therapy for more than 15 hours will have a significant effect on alleviating symptoms and improving the function of each system; secondly, it should pay attention to continuous use of oxygen during sleep to prevent the decrease of central nervous system excitability and upper airway obstruction during sleep, and aggravate hypoxia; The oxygen inhalation flow rate is generally below 3L/min (oxygen concentration is 35%). However, if the patient has obvious aggravation of ablation after the activity, the oxygen partial pressure is reduced, and a short-term high-concentration oxygen therapy can be given. , then reduce the oxygen flow.
Inhaled oxygen should pass through the humidification bottle and the necessary warming device to prevent the inhalation of dry and cold oxygen to stimulate the airway mucosa, causing dry knots and affecting the "scavenger" function of the cilia. Oxygen inhalation catheter and nasal plug should be checked at any time to check for secretion blockage and replace it in time.
When using home oxygen therapy, you should also pay attention to oxygen safety and avoid contact with high temperature and open flame.
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