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Nov 05, 2020

1. Reasonable choice of oxygen inhalation time. For patients with severe chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and clear lung function abnormalities, and the oxygen partial pressure continues to be less than 60 mmHg, oxygen therapy should be given for more than 15 hours a day; for some patients, no or only with mild hypoxemia, short-term oxygen administration can alleviate the discomfort of "shortness of breath" during activity, tension or fatigue.

2. Pay attention to control the oxygen flow. After the oxygen is inhaled from oxygen concentrator, the effective oxygen concentration in the patient’s lungs is determined by the oxygen flow rate and the corresponding oxygen concentration. So 1L, 2L oxygen concentrators have no therapeutic value at all! The oxygen concentrator of more than 3L depends on which specific respiratory disease, is it asthma, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, and COPD? Is there carbon dioxide retention? Alveolar inspired oxygen concentration = 21 + 4x (L/min). If you buy a JAY-5 liter oxygen concentrator from LONGFIAN at home, the alveolar inhaled oxygen concentration should be calculated as follows: 21+4x5=41%. Therefore, the smaller the flow rate of the machine, the lower the alveolar inhaled oxygen concentration will naturally be. Therefore, it is suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases with large flow and high concentration. If there are patients with carbon dioxide retention, use a low-flow and high-concentration oxygen concentrator to inhale oxygen.

3. Pay attention to oxygen safety, the most important oxygen supply device should be shockproof, oil-proof, fire-proof and heat-proof. The oxygen concentrator that meets the national standard requirements of the national medical oxygen concentrator is equipped with various intelligent safety monitoring systems, oxygen concentration alarm, pressure alarm, temperature alarm, power failure alarm, etc. Do not place the oxygen concentrator near the radiator or the hot air outlet of the air conditioner in winter.

4. Oxygen therapy pay attention to maintaining 95%-100% humidity in the humidified respiratory tract is a necessary condition for the normal clearance function of the mucociliary system. Therefore, inhaled oxygen should pass through a humidifying device to avoid dry oxygen irritation and damage to the airway mucosa. 1/3 of distilled water or purified water should be added inside.



. Pay attention to control the oxygen flow;

. Pay attention to the most important thing about oxygen safety. The oxygen supply device should be shock-proof, oil-proof, fire-proof and heat-proof. When transporting the oxygen cylinder, avoid dumping and impact to prevent explosion; because oxygen can support combustion, the oxygen cylinder should be placed in a cool place, away from fireworks and flammable products, at least 5 meters away from the stove and 1 meter away from the heater;

. Oxygen therapy pay attention to humidification, to avoid dry oxygen irritation and damage to the airway mucosa.