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Oxygen absorption and health, beauty

Jun 12, 2019

The rapid development of society has brought about problems such as air pollution and deterioration of the living environment.
The enormous challenges facing class survival. Therefore, oxygen-enriched air conditioners, oxygen-enriched machines, oxygen bars, and oxygen-enriched water have emerged. For example, oxygen-enriched air conditioners can start from the basics and change the oxygen enrichment of the air. The advanced oxygen-enriched system is used to extract air containing only 21% of oxygen from the outside through an oxygen-enriched device on the external unit. After treatment with a special oxygen-rich membrane. The oxygen content is rapidly increased to more than 30%, and the oxygen is delivered to the room by a special channel to increase the indoor oxygen concentration, effectively solving the problems of fatigue, drowsiness, insufficient brain supply, and skin hypoxia aging caused by low oxygen in the confined space. . At the same time, due to the unique structure of the oxygen-rich membrane, it can effectively isolate bacteria and dust in the outdoor air, so that the virus does not cross-infect and reproduce due to the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, clean air activates oxygen, and creates a relatively independent healthy environment.
As people's desire for fresh oxygen is growing, in big cities such as Los Angeles,
An oxygen fountain bar was established. In the oxygen fountain bar, people hold a transparent oxygen tank, which is equipped with a delicate external absorption device. With a slight suction, the pure oxygen in the tank is spewed out. Oxygen with lemon or other aroma can be transported continuously for 20 minutes. In addition, other oxygen-related products in the United States continue to emerge, such as various oxygenated water, oxygenated soda, and oxygenated pellets. Emerging oxygen consumption has formed a new trend.