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Oxygen adaptability is not equal to oxygen dependence

Nov 30, 2019

Long-term inhalation of oxygen is not dependent on addiction.

In addition, the oxygen concentration is also particular about oxygen inhalation. The higher the oxygen inhalation concentration, the better. This concept is wrong. If the oxygen flow is low, the body will respond instinctively, and the central nervous system will take a deeper and wider breath on its own. If you take a high flow of oxygen, your breathing will become shallow. However, chronic emphysema in patients with emphysema has carbon dioxide storage. If the breathing is too shallow, the carbon dioxide cannot be excreted from the body, and the oxygen cannot be drawn in. This causes the oxygen absorber to not inhale oxygen. Therefore, patients with emphysema need to choose safe hypoxia. Therefore, patients with emphysema are best to buy a 5L home oxygen generator, and the flow rate is generally adjusted to 1-2 L / min in mild cases; the flow rate must be reduced to 2-3 L / min in severe cases.

Respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, postoperative rehabilitation and other diseases must adhere to oxygen! Oxygen absorption for particularly serious diseases is a necessary treatment to sustain life. Oxygen absorption itself is not dependent. It is recommended that patients must take oxygen daily. At the same time pay attention to rest, strengthen nutrition, and regularly review.

If you want to have a healthy and good body, you can often inhale oxygen. It can effectively help some friends to relieve the symptoms of hypoxia. Many patients with respiratory failure or patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases often have symptoms of hypoxia. Oxygen inhalation can maintain the oxygen supply of these patients' friends to the greatest extent. The daily benefits of more oxygen inhalation are also very many.

To protect your health, keep oxygen generators at home, and longfian oxygen generators. I wish you good health!