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Oxygen concentrator used with hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Jun 13, 2019

Hyperbaric oxygen not only has therapeutic effects on many diseases, but also achieves good health effects by adjusting the pressure value, and does not cause discomfort during treatment in the course of health care.
Specifically, hyperbaric oxygen care is a health care method that inhales more than 1 atmosphere of pure oxygen in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. By increasing the oxygen concentration in the inhaled gas, increasing blood oxygen tension and increasing blood oxygen in a suitable high pressure environment. The content, which increases the oxygen content and oxygen storage in the tissue, is a medical measure to effectively improve, alleviate and correct the hypoxic state of the body. By improving the body's hypoxic symptoms caused by internal or external causes, it can make up for the loss in the human body. Part of the oxygen for health or treatment purposes.

Longfian oxygen concentrator can provide oxygen at a suitable pressure for the oxygen chamber and can be used with the oxygen chamber to achieve good results.