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Oxygen therapy

Apr 28, 2019

Oxygen therapy and oxygen care are the use of supplemental oxygen to improve the physiological and biochemical environment of the human body and promote generation.

A virtuous cycle of the process of treating disease, alleviating symptoms, promoting recovery and preventing disease, and improving health. Clinical practice has proved that oxygen therapy, with its unique therapeutic mechanism, can effectively treat acute and chronic ischemic and hypoxic conditions in clinical subjects and secondary diseases caused by hypoxia. Proper oxygen inhalation also improves the microcirculation condition, reduces the amount of respiratory load necessary to maintain a certain partial pressure of oxygen in the alveolar gas, and reduces the amount of myocardial load necessary to maintain a certain partial pressure of arterial oxygen. Therefore, in clinical medicine, preventive medicine, emergency medicine, geriatrics, rehabilitation and health care, oxygen therapy and oxygen care have irreplaceable important roles and broad development prospects. In the absence of oxygen in the human body or hypoxia, oxygen is added to increase the oxygen concentration of the inhaled gas, increase the oxygen content of the arterial blood, and improve the oxygen supply of the tissue, collectively referred to as oxygen therapy.

In general, used to correct pathological hypoxia, as adjunctive treatment of diseases, is called oxygen therapy.

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