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Ozone Generator Used for Water Treatment

Sep 09, 2019

Ozone generator is the new generation of water treatment product. With the development of domestic technology, ozone generator evolves into an integrated  equipment with gas supply, air filtration system, ozone discharge chamber, power control board and other accessories enclosed in a stainless steel container.

If you want ozone generator use for water treatment, it is vital to know that what kind of water you want to treat and the application of treated water. Is it for drinking or just for discharge? For different application, the requirement about ozone capacity is different as well as the source feeding.

If used for drinking water treatment, it is necessary to know how much is the raw water pH value and how high is the water temperature. If ozone concentration is too high, it will produce bromate which is a kind of substitute unpermitted by the government. So, it is necessary for ozone generator manufacturers to control ozone concentration level between 0.3-0.6PPM.

Three key components for ozone generator for water treatment

a. PSA oxygen concentrator. The lower oxygen concentration of PSA oxygen concentrator will lead to low ozone concentration.

b. Ozone tube. The accuracy of ozone tube will affect ozone discharge, resulting in uneven discharge and low utilization rate of oxygen. It may also lead to lower ozone concentration.

c. Electronic board. Electronic board is the key supplyment to ozone tube. If they do not match, ozone generator could not attain its perfect working state.

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