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Ozone used for industrial laundries

Aug 21, 2019

Did you know that ozone is used for laundry with high performance and cleaning efficiency?
Ozone is with no doubt more cost and energy efficient and environmentally friendly and safe than conventional laundry methods.

1.Saves hot water consumption

Normally laundry temperatures operations range from 60 to 75C. The use of ozone can potentially decrease this temperature to 30 to 35C and use cold water in following water cycles. This is because ozone leads to the production of oxygen which increases detergents potential in cleaning permitting to reduce the temperature. The reduce of hot water consumption will save costs of your hot water bill. Furthermore, it will less damage your clothes.

2.Reduces the use of chemicals
Detergents used for laundry are more effective than the normal dose when combined with ozone. This is because ozone permits a major penetration and cleaning effect of the detergents

3.Powerful disinfectant
Almost any 
pathogen is afraid when ozone comes. Ozone is a biocide that can easily control odors, kill viruses and get rid of any bacteria up to a 99% in ozone laundry. That is why the application of ozone for laundry is widely spread out in hospitals and lab rooms.

4.More efficient laundry operations
The use of ozone reduces the rinse cycle times. In addition, it reduces the drying time as ozone opens fibres of the clothes allowing more water to be removed in the extraction cycle. Ozone reduces the consumption of detergents, water and energy meaning a cut up to 50% in costs. The use of hot water reduces the need of ironing time and permits the washing of colour and non-colour fabrics at the same time.