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Why does pulmonary heart disease always entangle aged people?

Dec 18, 2019

· Pulmonary heart disease is a chronic disease which is often overlooked by patients in the early stage, and this disease is more common in the aged people. Many aged people are always niggard with the money and they usually buy medicines from pharmacies without doctor’s prescription .Once the disease progresses to a later stage,it can be very dangerous and even life-threatening.So for the patients, especially aged patients, must do a good job in the prevention of pulmonary heart disease.

· The main reason for the onset of pulmonary heart disease is that chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other diseases are not treated in a timely manner. This can easily increase the blood pressure of the heart and pulmonary arteries of the patient, which causes pulmonary heart disease and brings serious impact on patients’ life. So,what’s the reason that the elderly suffer from the pulmonary heart disease ? 

(1) Chronic bronchitis and obstructive emphysema.

(2) Bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis.

(3) Fibrotic changes in lung tissue with or without emphysema, such as tuberculosis, pneumoconiosis, lung abscess, radiation sickness and so on.


(4) Pulmonary granulomas and extensive fibrosis, such as sarcoidosis, chronic diffuse interstitial fibrosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, scleroderma, and malignant tumors.

(5) Chest movement disorders. Such as severe spinal deformity, spinal tuberculosis, extensive pleural adhesions, rheumatoid arthritis, and neuromuscular disorders and polio. These diseases can cause restricted thorax movement, compressed lungs, bronchi, twisted sputum, repeated infections of the lungs, atelectasis, emphysema, increased pulmonary vascular resistance, caused pulmonary hypertension, and right ventricular hypertrophy. , And then developed into pulmonary heart disease.


6) Pulmonary vascular disease. Extensive or recurrent multiple pulmonary arterial embolism and nodular pulmonary arteritis, allergic granulomatous disease involving the pulmonary arteries, and pulmonary arterial inflammation caused by other causes can all cause pulmonary arterial stenosis and obstruction and cause pulmonary hypertension and The right ventricular load increases, which in turn develops into pulmonary heart disease.

The aged people’s constitution are weaker, so they cannot ignore their own health problems. Many illnesses come to them when they are inadvertently. Be sure to seek medical treatment in time and follow the doctor's advise to treat them. So, besides physical therapy, what should we do in our daily life?


1. Life conditioning

Acute attacks of pulmonary heart disease are mostly caused by upper respiratory tract infections. Therefore, patients with pulmonary heart disease or chronic bronchitis should be strictly protected against upper respiratory infections. At the same time, pay attention to keep warm against the cold, people with pulmonary heart disease are more likely to have a cold, so pay attention to the increase and decrease of clothing following climate changes. People with pulmonary heart disease try to avoid to go to public places or shorten their outdoor time during the flu season.


2. Keep exercising

Pulmonary heart disease patients should do more exercise in their daily life, and go to the fresh air environment for breathing exercises to increase their lung capacity and enhance their immunity. For example, walking in the morning, playing Tai Chi, doing deep breathing exercises, etc. However, when patients with pulmonary heart disease doing exercises, they should pay attention to act according to one’s ability , avoid overwork.


3. Psychological conditioning

Emotional changes can aggravate the condition of patients with pulmonary heart disease, and patients with pulmonary heart disease must maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. Pulmonary heart disease patients are generally weak, especially the elderly, have poor mobility, and prolonged bed riding is more likely to produce depression and low self-esteem, and feel that they are a burden of the family. When they encounter bad things, or if the family's care does not meet their expectations,they will easily to give up and lose confidence . Therefore, as family members of patients, we must do a good job of psychological counseling for patients, try our best to meet their requirements, and guide them to actively and optimistically cooperate with doctors for treatment. At the same time, accompany the patient more, let them feel the warmth of the home, give them more support and encouragement.


4. Diet conditioning

Pulmonary heart disease patients' diet should be based on light vegetarian diet. Traditional Chinese medicine has always advocated vegetarian health, and people often say "fish fires, meat sputum, vegetables and radishes keep peace." Many of the secrets of longevity in the world today are mostly vegetarian. Pulmonary heart disease patients have poor physical strength, less activity, and are prone to constipation. Due to digestive dysfunction, carnivorous food is difficult to digest. Therefore, they should eat more nutritious and digestible foods such as vegetables and fruits.


5. Scientific oxygen absorption

Pulmonary heart disease patients due to long-term existence of gas ventilation and ventilation dysfunction, they usually have low blood oxygen saturation,so they can be given oxygen therapy constantly, with low-flow oxygen, it is best to take intermittent oxygen method, ventilator with oxygen machine can get a better efficacy.


Not only pulmonary heart disease patients, we should also eat more vegetables and fruits in our daily life. light diet at ordinary time, and maintain a good habit in our life, which is good for the body. Usually, we must establish a healthy diet and actively prevent the occurrence of diseases. Pulmonary heart disease patients should be follow the guidance of the doctors to do a good job in diet nursing,receive regular treatment so as to speed recovery