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The benefits of oxygen inhaling for the elderly

Jul 21, 2020

In many elderly people, due to the signs of degeneration of their body organs, it is easy to have some disease problems, and most elderly people have difficulty in breathing when some physical diseases occur, which requires oxygen inhalation. Oxygen inhalation can target many diseases. If an elderly person inhales oxygen for a long time, what will be the health benefits? Let's take a look together.

1. Do you know the benefits of daily oxygen inhalation?

Everyone knows that air quality will affect people’s lifespan. Urban industrialization, population, and cars are increasing, and pollution is becoming more and more serious. Take Nanjing as an example: You can see the blue sky and stars at night more than ten years ago, but now you can’t see it in Nanjing now. The elderly generally like to exercise, punch, and run in the park. Older people who exercise constantly do better than do not exercised ones. The exercised elderly are better, why? The old man who is exercising is doing "aerobic exercise". The old man who exercises regularly has more than twice the amount of lung breathing than the old man who does not exercise. Breathe in the fresh air in the park. What is the best in the air? Of course it is oxygen!


2. Why should the elderly breathe oxygen?

The organs of people over 65 years old are gradually aging and degenerating, especially the lung function. When you are young, the lungs can provide more than 4 liters of oxygen to the heart. When you are older, the lungs can only provide 2 liters of oxygen to the heart, so you may Symptoms of mild hypoxia: dizziness, chest tightness, headache, etc. With age, the symptoms will gradually increase. If you do not pay enough attention to it, it may cause serious diseases. Like stroke, everyone knows that it is caused by cerebral ischemia. The causes of ischemia are not well known.

Oxygen is brought into the lungs by the exchange of alveoli and air, and then the oxygen is delivered to the heart. The heart pumps blood to body organs. How much does oxygen do in the body? Like the food, medicine, and water you eat every day, oxygen is needed to catalyze the reduction and become nutrients to be transported to various organs of the body through the blood. If your hypoxic body organs are not supplied with nutrients, the organ function will decline, and the damage to the body will become greater and greater over time. As mentioned earlier, the relationship between stroke and oxygen is greater. Red blood cells in the blood carry oxygen, hypoxic red blood cells are inert, exercise ability is reduced, blood circulation is slow, the blood is hyperlipidemia for a long time, the three high will appear, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high viscosity, the long time will be there was a stroke.


2. How does oxygen inhalation of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and asthma improve the body?

Long-term oxygen therapy at home can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and can make the body's blood oxygen content reach normal values to resist the occurrence and development of disease. Oxygen inhalation can accelerate blood circulation, metabolism, and immunity. Oxygen inhalation can prevent the further development of the disease and prolong life. Medical research proves that the life expectancy of people who insist on home oxygen therapy is significantly higher than that of patients who do not do home oxygen therapy.

3. Oxygen inhalation must be persistent

It must be insisted that the effect of oxygen inhalation is better every day. Some elderly people do not feel the obvious effect after a few months of oxygen inhalation, so they don’t use it at home. This is a big mistake. Hypoxia is usually for a long time. Oxygen supplementation should also be taken slowly. If you can't breathe for a few days and feel good, you will not breathe. For a better health, to be a long-lived elderly, it is particularly important to insist on oxygen!

4. Be a healthy old man

Righteousness is the body's ability to maintain life activities, including the body's ability to adapt to the environment. The stronger the ability to resist disease, the better the internal and external balance of the body, and reach the good state of "Righteousness is inherent, diseases cannot be disturbed". The stronger the righteousness, the stronger the body's ability to resist various diseases and evils, and it is still in the face of various pathogenic factors from the outside world.The stronger the righteousness, the stronger the self-healing ability. The same disease and the same medication, the more obvious the effect of Zhengqi filling treatment, Fuzhengqi is the fundamental method of prolonging life. Oxygen inhalation can play a health care role for healthy people: due to the serious air pollution and the common use of air conditioners, regular oxygen inhalation can clean your respiratory system, improve visceral function, and improve the body's overall immunity to prevent various diseases.

Living Health Songs

Wash your face with cold water (about 10°C) for beauty care; rinse your teeth with warm water (about 35°C) for long periods of time; soak your feet in hot water (about 55-65°C) better than taking medicine.

"Ten Essentials" for Life and Health

The head should be combed often, and the face should be rubbed; the eyes should be turned frequently, the ears should be rubbed; the body fluid should be swallowed, and the abdomen should be rubbed; the waist should be constantly moved, and the feet should be rubbed;the teeth should be constantly biting, and the anus should be always lifted.

5. The greatest happiness in life is health

Health is the foundation of life, the protection of the family, the cornerstone of your career, maybe you have a high status, maybe your children are both complete, you have a lot of wealth, maybe you have everything you should have, but you don’t have a healthy body, everything you have It will disappear, "life is precious, health price is higher", here we sincerely wish the new and old users of Longfian oxygen concentrator health and longevity!