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The effect of oxygen therapy on insomnia

Nov 29, 2018

Sleep is essential to anyone, and he is an extremely important physiological function that sustains life. If you lose sleep, it will have a great impact on the human body.

* In terms of neuropsychiatric activities, such as feeling tired, inattention, slow memory response, emotional instability, irritability or apathy, loss of interest in the external environment;
* Action behavior becomes rough, busy, and unorganized;
* Increased discomfort in the body, such as dizziness, blurred vision, and tinnitus and hearing;
* The body's immunity is reduced, and it is easy to get sick; and if the patient does not sleep well, the condition is further aggravated.
By oxygen absorption, it can improve blood oxygen saturation. It is the body's various tissues that can get enough oxygen to promote metabolism. It is the body's various parts, especially the brain, which is fully relaxed, easy to fall asleep and maintain optimal sleep state, thus relieving the spirit. Insomnia caused by nervousness or physical discomfort;
By oxygen therapy, it can improve the hypoxic state caused by various disease factors, improve hypoxemia, and make the brain and tissues get sufficient oxygen, metabolism tends to normal, function is improved, and sleep quality is improved.