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The feature of longfian portable oxygen concentrator

Sep 10, 2019

Longfian portable oxygen concentrator is a hot seller in the whole market, recognized by customer with high quality.

Its flow can be adjusted from 1 to 5 liter, the oxygen purity is also changed from 93%-38% accordingly, when you adjust flow to 1L, the oxygen purity can get max 93%(±3%),
when adjust flow to 5 liter, the oxygen purity will down to min 38%, usually, we suggest customer adjust to 1 liter to get high oxygen purity.

Kindly note this portable oxygen machine just suit for oxygen therapy or healthcare use, suit for mental worker, student, aged, pregnant use, can not cure serious respiratory disease, 5-10 liter oxygen machine is beneficial to cure respiratory disease or COPD .


  1. It is low noise ≤40db, light weight, just 6 kgs

  2. It can work in car run by car adapater DC12V, lithium battery.

  3. Very easy to move, can take with trolley bag

   4. If add a mixer, can make oxygen cocktail 



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JAY-1Portable oxygen machine