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The fucntion of the ozone

Apr 26, 2019

Ozone is recognized worldwide as a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency fungicide. At present, in many countries and regions, ozone is widely used, such as in drinking water disinfection, medical water disinfection, sewage treatment, food factory and pharmaceutical air disinfection, paper bleaching and other industries and fields; some small civilian ozone electrical products have been Into people's daily lives. At a certain concentration, ozone can quickly kill bacteria in water and air, and more importantly, ozone is reduced to oxygen after sterilization, so it is a green disinfectant. However, since ozone with excessive concentration is harmful to the human body, it is necessary to infiltrate the air in the place after 30-60 minutes after disinfection. Ozone is easily dissolved in water to form ozone water. In addition to killing bacteria in the water, ozone can also decompose harmful substances such as organic matter in water and decolorize water.


At present, most drinking water production plants in China use ozone to disinfect and preserve water; some drinking water equipment, such as RO machines, filling machines, water dispensers, water purifiers, etc., are equipped with ozone. Function; some cities also use ozone to treat tap water; some hospitals and factories have also used ozone to treat sewage; ozone treatment has also achieved certain success in China; ozone is used to preserve fruits and vegetables in large-scale warehouses. A lot of success. Ozone household appliances used in daily life have also developed many varieties in China, such as ozone washing machines, fruit and vegetable sterilization and detoxification machines, deodorizers, air purifiers, disinfection cabinets, etc.

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