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The importance of oxygen for a new baby

Dec 06, 2018

Birth is a transition from a fluid environment to one where we breathe air. Breathing difficulties are common immediately after birth and during the first few hours of life. However, some babies may experience more complex breathing problems that require special care.

When a baby does not get enough oxygen during and immediately following birth, it's called hypoxia. Hypoxia deprives the brain and body of the oxygen they need to properly function. This can cause a range of birth injuries, including cerebral palsy and death.

In order for resuscitation to be successful, the doctors and nurses at the hospital need to have resources, such as oxygen equipment and other devices, ready at their fingertips. Longfian scitech company now produce a new oxygen concentrator, which is designed specially for infants, it is low flow rate, the minimum scale can be adjusted to 0.125/L, it is small and light, very easy to operate. If you need this oxygen machine, welcome contact us.