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The importance of Using Oxygen concentrator in fish farming

Dec 12, 2019

Fish farming, or aquaculture is prosperous industry. The raised consumer's demand put pressure on fish farmers to intensify their production. Fish production can be increased as long as sufficient oxygen, fresh water and food are provided. Regulated fish farming reduces the potential negative impact on the environment due to oxygen depletion and ensures that fish do not suffer due to improper oxygen balance. The fish are healthy and tastes good when they are raised in an oxygen rich environment. The Oxygen Generator using the PSA technology is safe, reliable and easy to operate. Bigger generators are used for large fish hatcheries and ponds. The bigger models normally range from 5 -150 Nm3/h.

  • Rise in stock density by maintaining a higher level of Dissolved Oxygen.

  • Preventing ice formation during winters.

  • Increase in the oxygen content as compared to a typical air-fed aerating system.

  • Uniform Dissolved Oxygen levels throughout.

  • Feed gas can be provided to an existing Ozone generator for disinfection.


    Our Longfian Oxygen Generators are a proven alternative to any other source of oxygen supply and are the most cost effective and safest oxygen source available for use in aquaculture/fish farming.

A high oxygen level is important for fish production. Tropical fish growers, wholesalers, and retailers turn to “on location” oxygen generation as a means to improve customer satisfaction. Standard Oxygen Generators help maintain the level of dissolved oxygen within the water and reduce the incidence of disease and mortality.

Oxygen aids in increasing the productivity of the fish and improves their overall health. Having a sufficient level of oxygen in the water benefits the growth of fish and reduces the amount of bacteria.

Aquaculture is one of the most fastest growing food producing industries of the world. There has been a rise of fish farming in developing countries in order to provide healthy and nutritious food to the population. Aquaculture not only improves food availability in these regions, but also alleviates poverty.

Longfian has several oxygen concentrator installed at fish farms in some countries

Longfian oxygen concentrator product line produces from 1 to 120 lpm of oxygenup to 95% oxygen concentration.

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10L Iron shell 7