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Three key components for ozone generator

Jan 17, 2019

a. PSA oxygen concentrator. The lower oxygen concentration of PSA oxygen concentrator will lead to low ozone concentration.

b. Ozone tube. The accuracy of ozone tube will affect ozone discharge, resulting in uneven discharge and low utilization rate of oxygen. It may also lead to lower ozone concentration.

c. Electronic board. Electronic board is the key supplyment to ozone tube. If they do not match, ozone generator could not attain its perfect working state.

Here is Longfian ozone generator, specifications as below:

Main Features

1.Ozone output: 8 - 28 g/h
2.High ozone concentration: > 58 mg/L
3.Built in oxygen concentrator: > 90% 

4.Applied in medical, laboratory, water purifying, laundry, agriculture, etc

5.Compact assembly, it can be movable with wheel0% 


A. When you adjusted the flowrate at 3LPM, the ozone output is 8.0g/h
B. When you adjusted the flowrate at 5LPM, the ozone output is 18.0g/h
C. When you adjusted the flowrate at 8LPM, the ozone output is 28.0g/h

1ozone generator