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What is an oxygen press machine?

Nov 15, 2018

In the gas industry, if the user has requirements for the pressure of oxygen, it is generally achieved in two ways. First, through the heat exchange between the heat exchanger and the liquid oxygen, the liquid oxygen rapidly vaporizes to form high-pressure oxygen. Second, the oxygen pressure is compressed to a specified pressure by an oxygen compressor. Oxygen presses are compressors designed to compress oxygen. Working principle: oxygen in the air accounts for 20%, nitrogen accounts for nearly 80%, and other gases are rare gases. The oxygen machine is actually a compressor equipped with special accessories such as molecular sieves. 

In operation, the oxygen machine compresses and cools the air to a liquid state, and separates them by using different vaporization temperatures of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen and molecular sieves, which is made into liquid oxygen and can be sold in bottles. The by-product is nitrogen.