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What kind of oxygen generator makes less noise

Mar 15, 2019

For those who need oxygen for a long time, they need to take an oxygen concentrator when they sleep at night. Many of them may not sleep well if they hear noises when they sleep, especially for the elderly, who are highly sensitive to sounds. If oxygen concentrator machine with bad proformance is noisy,  which will let a person not sleep well, So users in the purchase of oxygen machine should pay attention to the choice.

Nowadays, molecular sieve oxygen concentrator is in line with the public taste of an oxygen machine, its principle is to use the compressor to separate the oxygen and nitrogen in the air through the molecular sieve separation, then obtain high concentration of oxygen. Molecular sieve oxygen machine easy to use, just plug directly can be used, and long service life. Longfian brand oxygen machine is a full range of molecular sieve oxygen machine, especially the silent machine is lower noise.