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What's the application of veterinary oxygen concentrator?

Dec 06, 2019

We, Longfian has different kind of oxygen concentrator for veterinary use, 5-20Lpm normal pressure 6-10PSI machine or 20-60PSI machine for selection. Where does it use for?

Efficacy of Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

In pets,it is being useful for treating snake bites, infected wounds, and inflammation. The increase in oxygen level to tissues is felt to aid the body in healing. 

Oxygen Concentrator for pet cage

The oxygen concentrator connecting with the pet cages to supply oxygen for cat /dog etc who have underlying respiratory issues that need to be treated long-term. It's easy for pets to do oxygen therapy at home.

Oxygen Concentrator for veterinary surgery

In veterinary hospital, the oxygen concentrator can connect with anesthesia or ventilator machine when animal is performing surgery.