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What should you watch out for when using an oxygen cylinder?

Jun 11, 2019

Pay attention to the following aspects when using an oxygen cylinder:
1. The oxygen in the oxygen cylinder cannot be used up. The residual pressure of 0.1Mpa must be left to prevent the explosion caused by acetylene infusion.
2. It is forbidden to operate the cylinder with hands and tools contaminated with oil to prevent an explosion.
3. Oxygen cylinders cannot collide strongly. It is forbidden to use the method of throwing, falling and other methods that are easy to impact, and it is forbidden to lift by crane.
4. When opening the bottle valve and pressure reducer, the person should stand on the side; the opening speed should be slow to prevent the temperature of the organic material parts from being too high or the air flow is too fast to generate static sparks and cause burning.
5. In the winter, when the pressure reducer and piping of the cylinder are frozen, it is strictly forbidden to use fire to bake or use a kind of iron to slam the cylinder, or to screw the adjustment screw of the decompression table to prevent a sudden large amount of oxygen. Rush out and cause an accident.
6. It is forbidden to use an oxygen cylinder without a pressure reducer.
In contrast, it is safer to use a molecular sieve oxygen generator to absorb oxygen!