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Why do we want to absorb more than 90% oxygen?

Jan 21, 2019

Are you still hesitating about what kind of oxygen generator you should choose? Which indicator is the first thing we should consider? When you compare, do you repeatedly hear the salesperson say that the oxygen concentration is above 90%. So, why should the oxygen concentration of household oxygen generators reach more than 90% oxygen concentration?

Experts explained that it is required to maintain the oxygen concentration of the home oxygen generator to more than 90%. This is because the human body inhales a part of the air during the oxygen therapy of the home oxygen generator, and the oxygen concentration in the air is only 20.98%. As a result, more than 90% of the original oxygen concentration is diluted, and then the oxygen passes through the human throat. At this time, the oxygen concentration is only 45% to 50%, and then the oxygen enters the human alveoli through the nasal cavity, and the carbon dioxide in the blood. When exchanged, the actual oxygen concentration that can be utilized is only 30% to 35%.

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Therefore, if the oxygen concentration obtained from the household oxygen generator is less than 90%, the oxygen that the human body can finally obtain does not reach the concentration required by the body, and the human body inhales for less than 90% of the oxygen. It is not much different from the air intake, so the relevant department stipulates that the oxygen concentration of the household oxygen generator must reach more than 90%, in order to ensure that the patient gets the real oxygen therapy and health care, and achieve the purpose of adjuvant therapy.

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