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Why does repeated asthma attacks cause emphysema? How to prevent emphysema?

Aug 04, 2020

During a bronchial asthma attack, due to bronchial smooth muscle spasm, mucosal edema and secretions increase, resulting in incomplete bronchial formation. When inhaling, the inspiratory muscles contract and expand the chest. The gas can still enter the alveoli;When exhaling, the airway resistance of tracheal constriction is further increased, and the air in the alveoli cannot be fully discharged and the entire lung is gradually expanded. However, there is no pathological damage to the elastic fibers of the alveoli and the smooth muscle of the bronchus. At this time, if the bronchospasm can be relieved, the air in the lungs can be discharged and the patient can fully recover, so bronchial asthma is reversible.


If long-term repeated attacks will cause:

1. Proliferative hypertrophy of bronchus and bronchiole smooth muscle,Organic narrowing of the bronchioles;;

2. Hyperplasia and hypertrophy of bronchial glands secrete a large amount of viscous material to block the bronchioles;

3. Bronchial wall cartilage is destroyed. Loss of normal stent function. Bronchodilator gas can still enter the alveoli when inhaling.However, during exhalation, the trapped bronchial air cannot be discharged, causing the air in the alveoli to accumulate and expand;

4. Long-term gas accumulation increases the internal pressure of the alveoli and the alveolar over-inflates and the elasticity decreases and finally ruptures to form emphysema.


A large part of the treatment of emphysema requires the patient to pay more attention in daily life. This is the daily prevention and treatment. Today, let's learn about the prevention and treatment of emphysema.


Tips on prevention and treatment of emphysema


1. Quit smoking in time. The nicotine and tar contained in the smoke will directly adhere to the airway and continue to stimulate the airway. Quitting smoking is the most effective way to prevent the development of emphysema. At the same time, avoid inhaling harmful gases and dust. If the working relationship is unavoidable, take protective measures to protect the health of your lungs. The use of clean energy in family life can also control the process of emphysema to a certain extent.


2. Most patients with emphysema have breathing limitations. Therefore, the energy consumption in daily breathing is also higher than that of ordinary people. Many patients have poor appetite due to drugs or physical reasons, which can easily lead to malnutrition. Need to pay attention to supplement high-quality protein and fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. You can eat less and more meals to increase nutrition.


3. Acute respiratory infections are easy to cause acute attacks of emphysema. In the remission period of emphysema, a combination of Chinese and Western medicine can be used for conditioning. Pay more attention to weather changes and increase or decrease clothing to prevent colds. Patients with relatively weak resistance can be vaccinated in advance to strengthen their resistance before the high-incidence period of influenza. And avoid going to places with a large flow of people and confined places, leading to cross-infection of influenza viruses.


4. Breathing exercise can improve the patient's respiratory function and vital capacity. Common exercise methods include flute breathing, abdominal breathing, and breathing exercises. Patients with mild illness can choose appropriate outdoor exercises. Relaxed and appropriate outdoor exercises can relax the mood, breathe fresh air, adapt to seasonal changes, etc. The exercises that can be selected include jogging, walking, Tai Chi, and leisure dance steps.


5. Patients with severe dyspnea symptoms may have hypoxemia. If the partial pressure of oxygen in the arterial blood is lower than 55mmHg, oxygen inhalation is required. Long-term low-flow oxygen inhalation can alleviate the development of the disease and improve the patient's quality of life.


Treatment of emphysema


In the treatment of emphysema, the recovery can also be promoted through some Chinese medicine conditioning. This is also an effective way to treat emphysema. It is recommended that patients should actively consider the beneficial effects of traditional Chinese medicine on patients with emphysema in order to promote lung qi Treatment and recovery of swelling. These are some of the treatment measures for emphysema, hoping to be helpful to the treatment of patients, and it is recommended that patients can achieve the relief effect of emphysema disease through effective daily care.


There is no specific medicine for emphysema. You can only start from the aspect of preventing the condition from getting worse, that is to say, starting with controlling the inflammation of the lungs and bronchus to prevent the condition from getting worse. Patients with emphysema have symptoms of chronic hypoxia. Long-term chronic hypoxia can aggravate the lung disease and increase the burden on the heart.


Adhering to long-term low-flow oxygen inhalation at home can effectively improve the condition. For this reason, we recommends buying an oxygen generator with atomization function, because patients with emphysema may have sputum that is not easy to cough up.Doing atomization at home is beneficial to improve respiratory symptoms. Regarding nebulization treatment, medication must be used in accordance with the doctor's instructions, and do not treat without permission.As for the oxygen inhalation time, it is generally required to inhale oxygen for 12-15 hours a day. If possible, you can inhale oxygen for 24 hours. The specific oxygen inhalation time should be combined with your physical condition and doctor's advice, so as to truly achieve the purpose of improving the condition.