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Why hyperbaric oxygen chambers can treat so many diseases?

May 06, 2019

First of all, in a high-pressure environment, oxygen can greatly improve the body's blood oxygen partial pressure and blood oxygen concentration, and correct tissue hypoxia as soon as possible, so it can cure

Secondly, it can improve and improve microcirculation, promote the establishment of collateral circulation, and improve the blood supply of brain tissue in blocked blood vessels.

In the case of patients with carbon monoxide poisoning and toxic gases, it can separate and interrupt patients and toxic gases, and eliminate toxins as soon as possible. In addition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also improve the body's immunity and enhance the body's ability to prevent epidemics.

The difference between high pressure oxygen absorption and ordinary oxygen absorption

The biggest difference between high-pressure oxygen absorption and ordinary oxygen absorption is "high pressure". Only when oxygen is absorbed under high pressure can it play a role in treating diseases.

Oxygen absorption under normal pressure, that is, hemoglobin is carried, only under high pressure can increase physical dissolved oxygen, physical dissolved oxygen can make the body's blood oxygen partial pressure, blood oxygen concentration increased, thereby treating the disease