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A Guide For The Selection Of Oxygen Machines In Patients With Emphysema

Nov 03, 2017

Suffering from emphysema, patients with copd and asthma, bronchitis, go to the hospital, the doctor suggested that patients often buy a home in the home oxygen generator, because this kind of patients with respiratory system diseases often feels bosom frowsty afflictive, breathing disorders, serious fast walking, stairs, mountain climbing, etc to increase physical activity or exercise is a feeling of chest tightness, shortness of breath, asthma than, go down for a long time, even have anoxic symptom.The patient's physical decline is more serious, and the normal speed of the normal speed will also have the feeling of difficulty breathing and lack of qi, but at this time the patient still has no discomfort in the quiet condition.When the further development of disease, can have a quiet also have difficulty breathing, can't even basic daily activities, such as face and brushing your teeth, clothes, etc, in the long term the patient's quality of life affected by the very obvious.

Usually for this kind of patients, doctors will recommend buying a medical oxygen generator used in the home, the so-called medical oxygen generator, is pointed out that oxygen concentration in more than 90% of the oxygen generator, and oxygen concentrations of oxygen generator can't changes over flow.So why do people with emphysema need more than 90 percent oxygen levels?For patients with respiratory illness weakened lungs, their own lack of respiratory function, serious and even symptoms of oxygen and we breathe in oxygen and diluted by the air in the lungs, so the real concentration of oxygen in the lungs has dropped a lot, so emphysema patients need the 90% concentration of oxygen to breathe.