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Application Of Oxygen Analyzer In Coke Oven Gas

Jul 25, 2017

  Application of Oxygen Analyzer in Coke Oven Gas

  Coke oven gas is a lot of gas generated during the coking process. As the gas contains a lot of naphthalene and tar, a large amount of naphthalene precipitation in winter gas plus tar coke, resulting in gas pipeline blockage, affecting gas transmission.

  In order to solve this problem, a catcher is charged between the coke oven outlet and the gas line to trap naphthalene and tar in the gas. Because the gas is flammable and explosive gas, if the gas in the oxygen content exceeded, Oxygen Analyzer in the electric trap will explode. Therefore, in the gas pipeline set on the line oxygen analyzer, when the oxygen content in the gas reaches the upper limit set value, the interlocking system action, cut off the electric trap power supply to ensure safety.

  The role of flue gas oxygen analyzer

  Measurement of boiler flue gas oxygen content, mainly used to determine whether the combustion is full, play the role of energy saving, reduce pollutant emissions.

  Oxygen content is too low, may be too low air supply, will cause the combustion is not sufficient, Oxygen Analyzer resulting in increased carbon monoxide content, the amount of fuel generated by the increase in heat did not correspond to the corresponding increase.

  Oxygen is too high, may be too much air supply, will cause the air volume is too large, resulting in excessive flue gas away heat, resulting in heat loss, reducing the combustion efficiency, in addition, excessive oxygen and nitrogen Combined with the formation of nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide combined to produce sulfur trioxide, pollutant emissions increased, Oxygen Analyzer increasing the formation of acid rain.