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Benefits Of Oxygen Absorption

Aug 14, 2018

1. Reduce brainpower
It is really hard for students to study, especially in the college entrance examination. For students who are reviewing the exam, when they are able to breathe for a few minutes of oxygen when they are dizzy, they will feel clear-headed, quick-thinking, and refreshed.

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2. Relieve work stress
White-collar workers are under intense work rhythm, and are prone to fatigue, dizziness, unresponsiveness, irritability, poor breathing, loss of appetite, etc. Daily oxygen intake for 10 to 20 minutes can relieve nervousness and irritability. Healthy state, maintain strong energy.
In addition, when the air pollution is serious, the air in the office is blocked, the circulation is not smooth, and the air is not good. Regular oxygen is taken regularly to clean the respiratory tract and replace the harmful gases in the lungs to ensure good health.

3. Home oxygen therapy
For patients with bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, angina pectoris, respiratory and heart failure, oxygen can significantly increase oxygen saturation, relieve patient suffering, and save on expensive medical costs. Middle-aged and elderly people often take oxygen to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which are good for health and longevity.

4. Beauty and beauty
Oxygen absorption has become one of the popular beauty methods in the world today. Adequate oxygen can increase the biological activity of superoxide dismutase SOD, inhibit the damage of harmful free radicals on skin tissue and pigmentation, increase skin nutrition, make the skin rosy and lustrous, and fundamentally care for the skin.

5. Maternal health care
Regular oxygen intake during pregnancy can improve the arterial blood oxygen content of pregnant women, improve the function of pregnant women, and facilitate the growth and development of the fetus. Infants who give oxygen give birth to infants with higher intelligence and physical fitness than those who do not, and can be said to be innate.

6. Lose weight
Obesity is the accumulation of body fat caused by excess nutrients in the body and less exercise. Sufficient oxygen can burn fat in the body and turn it into water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, oxygen absorption has a significant effect on weight loss.

7.Exercise oxygen
Physical exercise, timely supplementation of oxygen after strenuous exercise, can quickly improve shortness of breath, relieve fatigue, and restore physical strength.