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Buying Guide To Medicare And Purchasing An Oxygen Concentrator

Mar 20, 2018

If you’re out researching oxygen therapy, it’s likely that you are on oxygen and don’t like the solution you currently have. Most patients who are on oxygen start out with the solution that has been "provided" for them without really knowing all of the alternatives that are available. We understand how confusing this can be. Well, take a deep breath and continue reading. 

Below we’ve compiled an easy guide to help you understand your alternatives including Medicare, Medicaid, supplemental insurance, financing options, and more! 

First and foremost you’ll need to understand your medical requirements. When you were first diagnosed as needing oxygen therapy, you were likely provided a solution that included a large home or "stationary" unit for use at night and when you are at home as well as oxygen tanks for excursions outside the home. These units should have been set to a prescribed level (typically measured in liters per minute of oxygen flow). These settings, as well as your prescription, will help our oxygen experts understand exactly which units will best meet your medical needs.