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How To Maintain The Oxygen Generator In Daily Life?

Jul 24, 2018

1. Daily maintenance of oxygen absorber:

The nasal tip on the oxygen pipe is the dirtiest and it is recommended to wash it after each use. It can be wiped with alcohol. It can also be soaked in 5% potassium permanganate solution for 5 minutes, then rinsed off with water. It is very simple. The oxygen pipe can be cleaned once or twice a week. Care should be taken to keep the tube dry and free of water droplets.


2. Daily maintenance of the wet bottle:

Because the humidification bottle contains water, there will be a layer of dirt after a long time. It can be dripped into the deep vinegar for a few minutes and rinsed. Once or twice a week to ensure oxygen sanitation. The core tube inside the bottle and the filter element at the bottom are cleaned and checked for proper installation. Change the water in the humidification bottle every day, usually using cold happy or distilled water.


3. Daily maintenance of the filter:

The life of a household oxygen generator is closely related to the filter. Cleaning or replacing the filter in time can not only extend the life of the oxygen generator, but also protect the molecular sieve and compressor. Therefore, when purchasing an oxygen generator, it is best to choose an external filter to facilitate cleaning. Note: The filter after cleaning must be dry and then installed. Do not turn on the oxygen generator before installing the filter. If the filter is black, it should be replaced regardless of the length of use.