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How To Add More Oxygen In Daily Life?

Dec 05, 2019

1. Take a deep breath

American researchers have found that under normal breathing conditions, the amount of gas inhaled and exhaled each time is only 400 ~ 500 ml. If you take deep breaths, men can reach 3500 ml and women can reach 2500 ml. Energy and oxygen.

2. Rest for 10 minutes every two hours of work

Being in a state of high pressure for a long time, the brain's oxygen consumption will increase accordingly. If the body is already sub-healthy, it is easy for hypoxia to occur, causing dizziness, confusion, and decreased work efficiency.

It is recommended that office workers with high work pressure have to rest for 10 minutes every two hours, stretch their arms, raise their legs, or stand by the window and look into the distance.

3. Eat iron supplements often

"Iron can enhance the ability of hemoglobin to transport oxygen." He Xiaosheng, chief physician of neurosurgery at Xijing Hospital in Shaanxi, said that it is appropriate to eat more iron-rich foods such as lean meat, fish, eggs, spinach, black fungus, etc.

4. Do more aerobic exercises

Long-term, regular adherence to aerobic exercise such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming is more effective. However, Gu Ning, director of the Cardiovascular Department of Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded to avoid excessive exercise, otherwise it is prone to chest tightness, asthma, etc., resulting in brain and heart ischemia and hypoxia.

5. The green plants are in place

Under sunlight, green plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen when photosynthesis occurs. But at night, they will absorb and compete with people to absorb oxygen. Therefore, it is suitable to place green plants in sunny areas such as balconies and halls, but it is best not to enlarge the green plants in the bedroom.

6. Less overeating

Whether you are thirsty or not, you should drink water regularly every day to ensure that the amount of water is about 1200 milliliters, so that the bloodstream will carry oxygen and naturally and smoothly send energy to the body.

7.Open window ventilation

Open the window at least twice a day for at least 15 minutes each time. In the home, when the air is good, ventilate for 20 minutes each morning, middle and night. Don't close the windows and doors when you sleep. When taking a bath, the elderly should pay more attention to the fact that confined spaces can easily lead to hypoxia and accidents in the brain.

8. Often oxygenates the mind

One is to use your spare time to actively improve yourself and take some training courses or interest classes. The second is to return to family life, eliminate unnecessary entertainment, and go outdoors or chat with family and friends to relax.