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How To Select The Oxygen Concentrator?

Sep 01, 2018

To select an oxygen-producing machine with an oxygen concentration of 90%, the oxygen concentration can be detected with the oxygen monitoring device of the equipment or the machine itself; All our oxygen concentrators are with high purity 90%-96%.

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The noise level of oxygen generator had better be less than 50 decibels, oxygen generator is the electric appliance that works for a long time, the sound must not be too loud, can affect oneself and others' rest otherwise, especially in the night, so the motor sound when working should be low;


A good manufacturer of oxygen generator shall pass ISO international and CE European quality system certification of oxygen generator (oxygen generator), and the brand of oxygen generator shall be listed for more than two years, so as to have better quality assurance and related certification, Our LongFian, is the professional manufacturer for oxygen concentrator with the ISO, CE ertificate.


The oxygen concentrator should have strong oxygen production capacity. Compressor displacement is best achieved 3.8-4.2 cubic meters per hour. The sitting room that is bigger in the space so, the oxygen making machine of big discharge quantity can assure space every corner can have sufficient oxygen to supply


It has the function of integrating time. It can calculate the service life of the oxygen machine, so as to provide objective and accurate data for long-term maintenance and service in the future. The international standard requires the oxygen generator to be equipped with a accumulative timer, which is also the reflection of product quality. A good oxygen generator should last for tens of thousands of hours. Our machine has the big LCD display to show the switch times, operating pressure, present working time, accumulated working time, presenting time from 10mins to 40hours.