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How To Use High Flow Oxygen Concentrator Cooperating With HFNC?

Nov 12, 2020

High-flow respiratory humidifier is a new oxygen therapy, which has been proved by a large number of clinical studies at home and abroad. The device is composed of an air-oxygen blender, a humidifier, a single heating circuit, a large-diameter nasal congestion catheter or a tracheostomy connector, and a mask adapter. It mainly enters the nasal cavity directly through a nasal congestion catheter that does not need to be sealed, and enters the humidified and warmed mixed breathing gas that is higher than the patient's peak inspiratory flow rate, and the oxygen purity is accurate and controllable. It is a comfortable and effective breathing treatment method. It is suitable for invasive or non-invasive patients with spontaneous breathing, and cannot be used for life support.

Existing studies have shown that when the air-oxygen mixture is given a flow rate higher than the patient's own peak inhalation, the true oxygen concentration can be determined and kept constant.


1. Mild to moderate type I respiratory failure (100mmHg≤PaO2/FiO2<300mmHg).

2. Mild respiratory distress (respiratory rate> 24 beats/min).

3. Mild ventilatory dysfunction (PH≥7.3).

4. Those who are intolerant or have contraindications to traditional oxygen therapy or non-invasive positive pressure ventilation.

Relative contraindications:

1. Severe type I respiratory failure (PaO2/FiO2<100mmHg).

2. Ventilation dysfunction (PH<7.30).

3. Paradoxical breathing.

4. Poor airway protection and high risk of aspiration.

5. The hemodynamics is unstable and vasoactive drugs are needed.

6. Those who cannot wear HFNC for facial or upper respiratory tract surgery.

7. The nasal cavity is severely blocked.

8. HFNC is intolerant.

Absolute contraindications:

1. Sudden cardiac arrest requires acute tracheal intubation and invasive mechanical ventilation.

2. Weak spontaneous breathing and coma.

3. Acute and severe type I respiratory failure (PaO2/FiO2<60mmHg).

4. Ventilation dysfunction (PH<7.25).

Applications: For patients with spontaneous breathing, effective treatment by increasing high flow, warming and humidifying breathing gas, including patients with artificial airway or non-invasive breathing, suitable for mild to moderate dyspnea and breathing caused by various diseases Distress or accompanied by hypoxemia.

For invasive or non-invasive patients who breathe spontaneously, while using a high-flow humidification treatment device, they need to be used together with a high-flow oxygen concentrator. Longfian has not only registered the popular 3L and 5L oxygen generators, but also took the lead in developing and registering the few 10L high-flow medical molecular sieve oxygen concentrators, and established a high-flow humidifier with major hospitals. Special match for supporting use.

Longfian Medical 10L high-flow oxygen generator uses air as raw material and uses molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption process to produce oxygen with an oxygen concentration ranging from 90%-96% (V/V) (referred to as 93% oxygen). It can be used for atomization inhalation.