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Hypoxic Generator For Simulated Altitude Training

Jul 27, 2020

Altitude training improves physical performance at sea-level and at altitude by enhancing muscle function and increasing the transport of oxygen by the body. Through exercising, and/or intermittent breathing, individuals and teams can naturally increase power and endurance and recovery..

The proper altitude training program can substantially boost body’s oxygen transport systems through enhanced ventilation, naturally increased EPO production and increased mitochondrial efficiency. This will allow more efficient energy production both aerobically as well as anaerobically. Ultimately this will allow the athlete to experience:

· Increased endurance and speed

· Less Fatigue

· Improved recovery

We,Longfian can provide the hypoxic generator for alititude training use, at home, gym, or sports training center. It can connect with training mask, tube and oxygen storage bag to use, or connect with training tent to use. Welcome to send your enquire if any interest!