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Improve The Measurement Accuracy Of Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

Jun 30, 2017

  Improve the measurement accuracy of zirconia oxygen analyzer

  The zirconia oxygen analyzer has been widely used in a variety of industry combustion monitoring and process control, including energy consumption industries such as steel industry, electronics and electrical industry, petrochemical industry, pottery industry, paper industry, food industry, Textile industry, also includes a variety of combustion heating equipment, such as incinerators, small and medium-sized boilers.

  Zirconia oxygen analyzer in the course of use will inevitably have some error problems.

  First, the zirconia oxygen analyzer must be strictly leaked before the initial opening. Oxygen analyzers can only get accurate data results with tight leaks. Any connection points, solder joints, valves, etc. are not tight, will lead to oxygen in the air into the pipeline and oxygen inside the oxygen analyzer, resulting in high oxygen content results.

  Second, in the re-use of zirconia oxygen analyzer, the first must pay attention to the oxygen analyzer connected to the sampling pipeline is leaked into the air, and must be carefully leaked into the oxygen analyzer air blowing away. In the pipeline system purification process, in order to shorten the purification time, need to use an effective method, the general use of high pressure deflation and small flow blowing alternately can quickly purify the oxygen analyzer pipeline.

  Third, the zirconia oxygen analyzer micro-analysis must be effectively ruled out the gas on the various pipe fittings, valves, watches and other accessories in the dead angle caused by pollution of the sample gas. Therefore, as far as possible to simplify the oxygen analyzer gas system, the use of small dead ends and so on. In addition, to avoid the use of water seals, oil seals and wax seals and other equipment to prevent the dissolution of dissolved oxygen caused by pollution, but also to avoid the sample gas to the oxygen analyzer to import the pipeline to increase pollution caused by the purification equipment. Only in this way can we ensure that the instrument system is clean and the data is accurate.