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In Winter, The Way The Baby Coughs Quickly And Is Not Guilty Is Atomization.

Sep 20, 2018

Aerosol treatment mainly refers to aerosol inhalation therapy, which uses an atomizing device to disperse a drug (solution or powder) into tiny droplets or particles, suspend it in a gas, and enter the respiratory tract and lungs to achieve a clean airway. the goal of.

[Turn the atomization to a simple point] To make it simple, the atomization is used in the hospital for the baby. If the baby has more throat, the baby will not cough on his own, it will use atomization, that is, use some The sputum medicine is placed in the oxygen-absorbing device, which is placed on the baby's nose and sucks the baby.

Intravenous drip and oral drugs are systemic, and nebulization is topical. The side effects are small and do not affect the baby's development. And the amount of medication is one tenth of taking medicine and injection. In Europe and the United States, the application of atomization therapy for household atomizing oxygen absorbers is very common.

[Is there any side effects of atomization? 】

1. The benefits of atomization are direct, fast, and effective.

2. Since the drug directly enters the respiratory tract, it can be used in a maximum of one-tenth of the other modes of administration, which significantly reduces the side effects of the drug, which is especially important for children and the elderly.

3. Wet the airway and dilute the sputum, which can be widely used in various respiratory diseases.

4. For some viral infection-based, self-healing diseases (such as: cold), aerosol inhalation treatment can significantly reduce symptoms and shorten the course of the disease.

5. However, for young children, due to the imperfect development of the tissues and organs of the body, they often suffer from adverse reactions due to insufficient attention in certain aspects, or aggravate the condition.

[Precautions for baby to do atomization]

1. When children are inhaled for inhalation, it is best to take a relaxed, upright sitting position, just breathing calmly, without special coordination.

2. In the case of aerosol inhalation, some conditions should be stopped in time. If the child has frequent cough, the inhalation should be suspended and the inhalation should be started after the breathing is stable.

3. As for the atomization inhalation time, it depends on the drug solution capacity, which is about 10 minutes to 15 minutes each time. It can be done 2 or 3 times a day.

4. Do not eat as much as possible before inhalation for half an hour, to avoid irritating the airway during aerosol inhalation and cause vomiting. Also do not let the atomized liquid enter the eyes, otherwise it will cause eye discomfort, and do not apply oily cream. After each inhalation, rinse with normal saline or warm water. After the atomization is finished, the atomization tank should be cleaned in time, washed with warm water, and dried before use.

[Can you atomize your baby at home? 】

According to experts, the atomized oxygen absorber must choose a regular brand.

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