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Leaders Of Tibet Economic Development Zone Visit Us

Oct 19, 2018

All  employees of  LONGFIAN warmly welcome the leaders of the Tibet Economic  Development  Zone and, under the leadership of General Mai Zhuosun, have a  detailed  understanding of Maizhuo's oxygen generator products.

Our factory has been open to the public and welcomes new and old customers from all over the world. We provide the high quality, safer and reliable products for  300,000 users in 160 countries. Welcome to consult and order!


In the plateau areas such as Tibet, the demand for oxygen is very high. In   the case where many manufacturers of oxygen generators are stationed,   most manufacturers cannot guarantee that their oxygen generators are   stable enough in the local area, the oxygen concentration is high   enough, and the quality is good enough. Therefore, Telaimaizhuo understands our company's oxygen generator products.

Thanks  to its long-lasting, stable and stable oxygen supply, the  Maizhuo  Oxygen Generator is recognized by oxygen users in all walks of  life,  especially in the highlands of Tibet. The digital   oxygen concentration monitoring system independently developed by   Maizhuo Oxygen Generator has obtained the national patent. It is the   earliest and most stable oxygen generator manufacturer in China. The self-developed control system has a time plate and a pressure plate. The   plateau area is automatically adjusted with a technical parameter of   500 meters per meter, which satisfies the stable and stable oxygen   concentration in high-altitude air. The leaders of  the  Tibet Economic Development Zone are well-known to join hands with   Maizhuo to bring the gospel to the Tibetan people.