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Operation Method Of Oxygen

May 09, 2018

1. Put the host rotation hanging racks installed on floor or wall hanging outside, equipped with gas filters;

2. As required on the wall or support buckle nails available oxygen on board, and then hung up available oxygen;

3. Interface connected with the oxygen tube oxygen oxygen, oxygen supply 12V power cable 12V power cable connections to the host. If more than one series of oxygen, just added with tee, line for line pipe to fasten;

4. 220V power cord into a wall outlet hosts oxygen red light;

5. Please add in the wet Cup purified water to the specified location. Then put it to the Oxygenator on oxygen;

6. Humidification and oxygen tubing to the glass on the oxygen outlet;

7. Oxygen start button is pressed, the green light, oxygen begins to work;

8. Follow the doctor's orders, regulates the flow to the desired position;

9. Oxygen mask or nasal pipette package graphic hanging nasal intubation or wearing mask oxygen.